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Compiling Problems

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I'm having problems compiling the Portal engine sample. After a few minutes of work, I got the error count down to four (all undefined constants) and a warning (function not found, assuming external, blah blah). Since I'm using MSVC5, I just whip out the Find In Files thing and search my hard drives for the constants in *.*. Fine, so I wait a little bit... It found 3 occurences (of one constants), however, they were all in SOURCE files. I'm fairly sure that I'm not missing any files or anything, so I'd really like to know what's going on..? Oh yeah, the undefined constants are: GR_CONTROL_DEACTIVATE, GR_CONTROL_ACTIVATE, GR_CONTROL_MOVE and GR_CONTROL_RESIZE. The undefined function is grSstControl(). Luckily, the constants that weren't found were being passed to this function, so I assume once I get hold of that header file I need, the function should be fine as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Btw, I've have no problems running the demos on my CL TNT card (using reference drivers).

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