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another landscape question

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Hi, I scoured the board for answers to some landscape questions. I see there are alot of Landscape questions. Forgive me for adding to them. I too would like to experiment with creating vary large terrains. What would be the best way to go about doing this? Will simply creating a larger (1024 or 2048) heightmap accomplish this? or will it only increase the polycount of the terrain? Anything I should take into consideration concerning textures on a larger heightmap? Will the textures get funky if I try to put them on a landscape generated with a 1024 or 2048 heightmap? If I simply make my characters smaller I get the feeling that my textures are going to look a little blocky...? If a very large terrain cannot be created using a single heightmap, is it feasible to have "zones" ala everquest, where i can load a new landscape when a character passes over a certain unseen boundry? If anyone has insight into how to accomplish this, feel free to give me the cliff-notes version on your methods of accomplishing this. thanks much Jason

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There are several ways:

1. Bigger heightfield
2. Bigger tile scale (spreads the vertices of the landscape apart)
3. Smaller objects and movement speeds.

Use the detail texture feature to make up for stretching the terrain texture over a larger area. If you make a detail texture that doesn''t tile in an obvious way you can make it look much better. Using shadows on a huge terrain won''t look very good because it depend on the texture resolution, so I''d probably turn them off and use simple round decal shadows under characters instead.

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