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When I use the RGB emulation I get white squares in example 12 as well. You should check that it's enumerating a HAL driver for the card you are using, and it's using DirectX 6.1 drivers.

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I had just downloaded the Beta3 .. and checked out all the examples ..
there is a lotta stuff Chris had done..
Thank You
but I don't know why but the frame rate is very low ( say with the collision demo 3 fps ) ..
I know I am using DX6.0 ..

I tried even the multi-monitor option .. but only the example in multimon works ..

The Particle system example shows as white blocks traversing .. basically I think it is not using the hardware.

Most of the examples gives me

PR_D3D_CreateZBuffer -> window title

(X)AddAttachedBuffer Failed for Z- buffer .. -> message

I am sure we will overcome all these very soon..

Thanks again!!

I have
1.Quantum 3d Obsidian2 (24mb)PCI + sis6215
2.Quantum 3D Raven AGP 16mb.
64 mb ram
Pentium II 300Mhz

Need I a better machine for PR3?

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