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Swapping single bits in assembler

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Can anyone think of a quick way of swapping two bits in a 32 bit variable in x86 asm? I have a rather convoluted way at the moment using bt, btc and bts but it''s about 25 ops and it seems OTT for such a simple task.

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I assume you mean swapping two arbitrary bits of a variable (ie. the contents of say bit 2 get copied to bit 18 and the previous contents of bit 18 go bit 2).
I also assume you have registers spare and that you know at assemble time what the two bits are. Off the top of my head and totally unoptimised [I have an idea for an even shorter method, but I''d rather test it properly before I suggest it]:

; eax = the variable which will have bits 18 and 2 swapped

mov ebx, eax ; temporary copy
and ebx, #(1<<18) | (1<<2) ; mask bits in copy
mov ecx, ebx ; make another copy
shl ebx, #(18-2) ; shift low bit into where high is
shr ecx, #(18-2) ; shift high bit into where low is
and eax, #~((1<<18)|(1<<2)) ; clear both bits in original
or eax, ebx ; set new low bit
or eax, bcx ; set new high bit

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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That''s cool, but my original problem is that I have a bitfield that I want to randomly fill with x number of set bits. So I fill the bitfield with how many bits I want set, then mix them all up, hence the bit swapping problem. The bitfield is part of an AI response that I want to randomise.

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What about just using a random number generator and do something like:

int number = 0;
for( int i = 0; i < numBits; i++ )
int bit = rand() % 31;
number |= 1 << bit;

You''d have to make sure you don''t set the same bit twice though.

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