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Jesper T

texture positioning question

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Im using a 256x256 texture in a GL_QUAD thingy.. I know how to map the texture onto the quad, but I am trying to map the quad with parts of the texture only ( eventually making the texture cover several quads ) I tried to change the values in the glTexCoord2f() but then suddenly the entire quad became mapped with one color instead of the part of the texture i wanted to cover it... so the question is: is the way im trying to do this possible at all, or do i have to split up the texture to make it work ??

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you have to set the texture coordinates for your verticies so that they don''t use the whole texture. Tex. coords are in the range of 0.0 - 1.0 so if you have a texture coord of 1.0, it means the 256th pixel on your texture map. using this, if you want a quad with only a 4th of the texture you could put the coords to

0.0, 0.0
0.0, 0.5
0.5, 0.5
0.5, 0.0

I suggest playing around with this idea and you should get it to work the way you want.

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