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Some directx fullscreen problems

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I am currently setting up a 3d application framework based on DirectX8(similar to the d3dapp in the DX8 sdk examples), which I will release to the public if it becomes stable and nice enough to work with. (If multiple people are using the same framework it will be much easier to detect bugs :-) I have a few problems though, that I am wondering about. I don''t know if they occur only on my setup or if everyone has problems with it, so I am asking people if they know/recognize the problems and know any workarounds. 1. When ICQ is running and docked to the right side of the screen, if I switch my system from windowed to fullscreen (where fullscreen is a lower resolution than the standard desktop resolution) and then quit my program the ICQ program sometimes don''t switch back to the right side of the screen, and other applications that are maximized don''t seem to be restored either. Is this a problem with ICQ or my code? Does anyone have any idea about what to do 2. When switching to fullscreen (and setting my window to be topmost) there are still applications that manage to draw on top of mine - for example ICQ and the task manager can do that. My window is topmost, but ICQ and the task manager are also topmost windows, so I think this is causing the problem. What can be done about this? 2b. also, if my fullscreen resolution is the same or higher than the desktop resolution I have programs that update their tray icon even in fullscreen mode (RAMIdle does that). I suspect that this is the same problem - does anyone know what to do about it? 3. Alt+tab. I can switch fine between my apps and others, and it is a small cosmetic thing, but when I press and hold alt+tab when I am in fullscreenmode my engine overwrites the taskswitch window instantly, so I only see it flashing. As soon as I release tab it switches to the desktop as it should, but how do I detect that the user presses alt+tab These problems occur in Win2000 - I don''t know if they occur in other setups. I also have a multi-monitor setup - I don''t know if that influences my problems. Hope you guys can help me, so I can clean up my code and publish it.

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I have know what is the first problem... but I dont know the solution....
It''s an ICQ prolem... it retrieves the screen configuration to position itself, so if you change the resolution, ICQ tries to position with the new configuration... and when you come back it doesn''t restore it''s original position. (I think that its an ICQ bug, because there are a lot of applications that have the same problem with ICQ)

Sorry my bad english...

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