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[.net] vb xml problem

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heey all, i'm having a problem with xml in visual basic.net it's some kind of project file that has to save the path's to the files that are in the project. The project file is a simple xml file. I can read the settingsfile without a problem but i'm having a problem with writing it. the code loads a basic settings file, and starts to edit some parameters, in this case the interface files. It first puts amount of files into the file(ItemList.Items.Count(wich is a listbox)) then it loops trough each file, it creates a new node, and puts it behind the previous. A node looks like this: <file_1>example.itf</file_1> the problem now is that I get a runtime error that says: "NullReferenceExeption was unhandled." But i can't see what is null/nothing. the code:
                    Dim xmlDoc As New System.Xml.XmlDataDocument
                    Dim xmlNode As System.Xml.XmlNodeList

                    '' put the inteface file path's into the file
                    xmlNode = xmlDoc.GetElementsByTagName("interfaceFiles")
                    Dim xmlFileNode As System.Xml.XmlNode
                    Dim PreviousXmlFileNode As System.Xml.XmlNode

                    xmlNode.Item(0).ChildNodes(0).InnerText.Replace(" ", ItemList.Items.Count)
                    Dim xmlTotalInterfaceCountNode As System.Xml.XmlNode = xmlNode.Item(0).ChildNodes(0)

                    For fileNr As Integer = 0 To ItemList.Items.Count
                        PreviousXmlFileNode = xmlFileNode
                        xmlFileNode.Value = "<file_" & fileNr & ">" & ItemList.Items(fileNr).ToString() & "</file_" & fileNr & ">"
                        If fileNr = 0 Then
                            xmlNode.Item(0).InsertAfter(xmlFileNode, xmlTotalInterfaceCountNode)
                        End If
                        xmlNode.Item(0).InsertAfter(xmlFileNode, PreviousXmlFileNode)

thanks in advance, assainator

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