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DirectX 8 Audio question

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Hi, I''m trying to load a .wav file using directx 8. Now I guess the new way to do it with directx 8 is to load a .wav file as a IDirectMusicSegment8 and play it the same way as a midi. But the problem I have is that since my .wav files are stored in my own file structure, I can''t just give directx 8 my filename. See, I can load a .wav file correctly if I do it the normal way, like this: gLoader->LoadObjectFromFile(CLSID_DirectMusicSegment, IID_IDirectMusicSegment8, wstrFileName, (LPVOID*)&segment); But like I said before, I have to load it into memory first, and that way doesn''t work for some reason: DMUS_OBJECTDESC object; memset(&object, 0, sizeof(DMUS_OBJECTDESC)); object.dwSize = sizeof(DMUS_OBJECTDESC); object.dwValidData = DMUS_OBJ_CLASS | DMUS_OBJ_NAME | DMUS_OBJ_MEMORY; object.guidClass = CLSID_DirectMusicSegment; MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, filename, -1, object.wszName, DMUS_MAX_NAME); // I fill object.llMemLength and object.pbMemData here gLoader->GetObject(&object, IID_IDirectMusicSegment8, (LPVOID*)&segment); When I do it that way, the program crashes at GetObject. I know that llMemLength and pbMemData have been filled correctly, because I used the same method I used for .mid files and that worked. Either this is a bug in directx8 or the LoadObjectFromFile function does something extra that I don''t know about. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for reading -------Blah

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from msdn tutorials:
GetWindowsDirectory( strPath, MAX_PATH );
strcat( strPath, "\\media" );

// Convert to Unicode.

WCHAR wstrSearchPath[MAX_PATH];
MultiByteToWideChar( CP_ACP, 0, strPath, -1,
wstrSearchPath, MAX_PATH );

// Set the search directory.

GUID_DirectMusicAllTypes, // Types of files sought.

wstrSearchPath, // Where to look.

FALSE // Don''t clear object data.


if (FAILED(g_pLoader->LoadObjectFromFile(
CLSID_DirectMusicSegment, // Class identifier.

IID_IDirectMusicSegment8, // ID of desired interface.

file, // filename must be in format L"Filename.wav"

(LPVOID*) &g_pSegment // Pointer that receives interface.

MessageBox( NULL, "Media not found, sample will now quit.",
"DirectAudio", MB_OK );
return 0;

Polarisoft Home Page

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I know, I can make the program work with the
''LoadObjectFromFile'' function. But my .wavs are in a
custom data structure, like quake''s .pak structure. So
I have to load the file myself and then load it into
directx from memory. But I can''t get that method to work.


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