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Marbles2 - the Race (W.I.P.)

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Hello, I have a new game ready for beta: Marbles 2 - the Race. It can be downloaded from my homepage, there are also some more screenshots than in this post. It is Y.A.G.I.M.M. (yet another game inspired by marble madness ;) ), the second one of these I've done. It uses IrrODE (link at the bottom of the post), my Irrlicht-ODE wrapper, and some code snippets I have posted in the Irrlicht forum. It is a simple little game where you control a marble (either by keyboard or by joystick) and you have to finish the levels as fast as possible (that's why I called it "the race" ;). There is also a two-player mode using splitscreen which can be really funny. There are some things that are not yet finished: - levels. The levels that are already included need some more work, especially things beside the track, and I want to add some more levels - an edit-package. I'll be doing this as soon as possible so that everyone can design own levels. It will be a package of plugin for IrrEdit (can be downloaded from http://www.ambiera.com) and one or two demo levels Testing is not finished as well, but I hope to get some reports by posting here. There is also a little HTML document I call "manual" ;). Not yet finished, but already online (as well as in the download package): the "game manual " 2 videos of the game can be viewed on youtube:
">2 player trailer
">1 player trailer Unfortunately the Taksi software I used to record the video doesn't (yet) record sound, so I added some background music from my band, killing cockroaches (homepage at www.killing-cockroaches.de). Here are some screenshots of the game: Marbles 2 uses my Irrlicht/ODE wrapper: Link the Irrlicht forum I have used the following code-snippets for this project (Links to the Irrlicht forum) irrConfigController shadowManager followPathAnimator

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