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MFC projects

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The best way is to first port a sample to C++, and then port that into MFC. The devdlg.c and winutil.c files should stay as they are, and they should be set to NOT use precompiled headers. You do this through the Project->Settings dialog and select the file in the tree view, then change the options for it.

You MUST set your project and ALL LIBRARIES OF YOUR OWN being linked to use byte-aligned structures.

These are the libraries you should tell it to link to: "winmm.lib ddraw.lib pr.lib prgui.lib dxguid.lib dinput.lib"

You can check out this source code that should help you. It isn't a complete project, so if it doesn't help then just me and I'll try to create a sample project for you.

Good luck!


[BTW: I am working on an MFC project that I will release in full source promptly by Sept. 27th, whether the project is complete or not. I hope it will make PR more accessible to newer users, and give the advanced ones a foundation upon which they can innovate. It's an indoor level editor.]

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