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an FTP problem

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I''ve been messing around with an FTP class from glVelocity, and have most of the functions operating correctly. I noticed there was on Create Directory, and searched through wininet.h and found there is one. So heres the new function I added: bool CFTP::CreateDir(char szDirName[MAX_PATH]) { if(!FtpCreateDirectory(m_hFTPSession,szDirName)) { return false; } return true; } Well, in a different function I''ll say: if(!ftp.CreateDir("dirname")) { MessageBox(0,"Could not create directory","Error",MB_OK); return 0; } Everytime I run it, it comes back false, but the directory IS created. Any idea what''s going on and how I can cause it to not come up as an error? Thanks, Calypso

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