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pix and matrix

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Hy. I'm try to ultimate my skinned animation project. My problem is to test the constant buffer matrix in pix. I can't find any mode for show the matrix values! Is possible in pix to show the constant buffers values or debug it in any mode , for ex to create in the shader code a matrix(float4x4) and assign it to a value in the constant buffers , but i can't see the values of this matrix in pix. Why? thanks

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I find how display the costant buffers in pix .
I have createt a buffer in similarly at the vertex and index buffer, but change some constant,(sorry but i don't have the code behind).
I see that there are two paramenter for set the constant buffer , slot and count , what are?
But I see that my costant buffers(in pix) are different from the data to send.
how i send my data to the gpu' s constant buffers?
Can you explain the better way for send constant buffers to the gpu and how retrieve they from the shader?

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i try this:

create the buffer m_pSkinMatrixConstantBuffer that is ID3D10Buffer*

cbDesc.ByteWidth = sizeof( cSkinMatrix );
cbDesc.Usage = D3D10_USAGE_DYNAMIC;
cbDesc.BindFlags = D3D10_BIND_CONSTANT_BUFFER;
cbDesc.CPUAccessFlags = D3D10_CPU_ACCESS_WRITE;
cbDesc.MiscFlags = 0;
hr = m_pDevice->CreateBuffer( &cbDesc, NULL, &m_pSkinMatrixConstantBuffer ) ;

the struct

struct cSkinMatrix
D3DXVECTOR4 pmatrices[3];

and update animation every frame:

void CMaterialSkin::UpdateAnimation(long nTime)
cSkinMatrix* mx ;

HRESULT hr = m_pSkinMatrixConstantBuffer->Map( D3D10_MAP_WRITE_DISCARD, NULL, ( void** )&mx );
//m_pSkeleton->updateAnimation(nTime, mx->pmatrices);
mx->pmatrices[0]= D3DXVECTOR4(0.7777777f, 0.7777777f, 0.7777777f, 0.7777777f);
mx->pmatrices[1]= D3DXVECTOR4(0.7777777f, 0.7777777f, 0.7777777f, 0.7777777f);
mx->pmatrices[2]= D3DXVECTOR4(0.7777777f, 0.7777777f, 0.7777777f, 0.7777777f);
mx->pmatrices[3]= D3DXVECTOR4(0.7777777f, 0.7777777f, 0.7777777f, 0.7777777f);


/*delete[] mx->pmatrices;*/


and.. set the vs constant buffer:

ID3D10Buffer* pBuffers[2] = { m_pSkinMatrixConstantBuffer };
m_pDevice->VSSetConstantBuffers( 0, 1, pBuffers );

and in the shader i have:

cbuffer skinConstant
float4 skinnedMatricesVS20[4];


the data size is correct, but it's all 0 , and i set it to all 0.77777.

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