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DepthStencil Question

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Hi, I am using SlimDX library and I have a strange problem. I try to add a depth buffer for the MiniTri demo in the SlimDX Open source code but when do that the program shows only a black screen. No triangle is drawn with depth buffer. I just add this code block after the outputmerger.settarget method line. Texture2DDescription DepthStencilDescription = new Texture2DDescription(); DepthStencilDescription.Width = desc.ModeDescription.Width; DepthStencilDescription.Height = desc.ModeDescription.Height; DepthStencilDescription.MipLevels = 1; DepthStencilDescription.ArraySize = 1; DepthStencilDescription.Format = Format.D32_Float; DepthStencilDescription.SampleDescription = desc.SampleDescription; DepthStencilDescription.Usage = ResourceUsage.Default; DepthStencilDescription.BindFlags = BindFlags.DepthStencil; DepthStencilDescription.CpuAccessFlags = CpuAccessFlags.None; DepthStencilDescription.OptionFlags = ResourceOptionFlags.None; Texture2D DepthStencil = new Texture2D(device, DepthStencilDescription); DepthStencilView DepthStencilView = new DepthStencilView(device, DepthStencil); device.OutputMerger.SetTargets(DepthStencilView); every thing stays unchanged in the SlimDX's MiniTri demo and it doesn't draw anymore. Any ideas ?

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