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Perspective Projection

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I'm wanting to demo perspective projection and am currently working in DirectX. When I say demo I mean rotate around the scene and view the projection from different angles. I have a box mesh, that I create two copies of. I transform both copies somewhere, into the world, lets say 10.0 on the z-axis. I then apply the perspective transform to one of them and seem to get a correct result. What I am having a hard time visualising is how to demo it. Am I able to make sure the projected transform is always transformed to the same region. If my understanding is correct it gets transformed to the origin, between 0.0 and 1.0f. But as I move the box further away the projected box seems to move also, it makes it hard to keep a static camera on the projection. Here is my perspective transform code:
void Matrix4x4::setupPerspectiveProject(const float &fov, const float &aspect, const float &zNear, const float &zFar)
	float cotATwo = 1.0f / (tan(fov / 2.0f));

	m11 = (1.0f / aspect) * cotATwo;
	m12 = 0.0f; 
	m13 = 0.0f; 
	m14 = 0.0f;

	m21 = 0.0f;         
	m22 = cotATwo;    
	m23 = 0.0f; 
	m24 = 0.0f;

	m31 = 0.0f;         
	m32 = 0.0f; 
	m33 = zFar / (zFar - zNear);
	m34 = 1.0f;

	m41 = 0.0f;
	m42 = 0.0f;
	m43 = -((zFar * zNear) / (zFar - zNear));
	m44 = 0.0f;

Any tips would be appreciated.

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