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Perspective projection and z

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Hi, I'm am working on a standard teapot rendering application for university and I've been stuck on something for a long time. I was hoping that someone could help me out. It's at the stage now where I can see teapots when I close my eyes - not good! I'm trying to apply perspective projection to my teapot. This is pretty straight forward. I take all of the vertices (in homogeneous from) apply the perspective transformation matrix (essentially dividing w by the position of the view plane on the 'z'-axis), apply the canonical view transformation matrix (to take all vertices into the (-1,1) range) and to apply the perspective projection canonical form to parallel perspective projection canonical form transformation. After this I scale all of the vertices back by a constant multiple to convert them into (x,y) screen coordinates. This works okay for my wire-frame model but it doesn't work when I attempt to shade the model (I know that my rendering code is okay because it works whenever I disable the perspective projection code). The problem that I am having is that when ever I attempt to rasterise triangles in my model, I lose the 'z' value of points within the triangle and therefore my z-buffer code breaks. I guess the problem that I'm having is that given the three vertices of my triangle, I don't know how to interpolate (using my barycentric coordinates) to a position within the triangle (as I was doing before), because those vertices no longer share a common w-value, and therefore cannot be linearly interpolated. I've tried converting each vertice to a common 'w'-value and then performing the barycentric operation on them, but this does not appear to work. Any guidance or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Steve

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