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Writing a software rendering pipeline . . . how to optimize?

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Hi guys, So I'm implementing a simple graphics pipeline in software, and I had a few questions about keeping it fast (as fast as software can allow anyway...). So, I have a list of triangles for the geometry. First, I want to make sure... I have to do these things for EVERY frame, right: 1 - transform vertices from object -> world -> clip space ( using matrices, some of which I can combine before applying to vertices ) ( so I need to create a new list, for clip-space triangles, empty if from the previous frame, and fill it with new triangles - transformed from my geometry list ) 2 - clip triangles ( remove a bunch of triangles from the above list - outside viewable area ) ( add some new ones - for triangles that are partly inside / outside viewable area) 3 - homogenous divide & viewport transform ( modify position values of triangles in the above list of clip-space triangles ) 4 - rasterize ( create a list of fragments, empty it from the previous frame ) ( add a bunch of fragments for triangles in the viewable area ) 5 - texture look-up ( ... haven't messed with this part, because I'm just using colors not interpolating yet ) 6 - depth buffering ( go through all fragments, check depth, draw accordingly ) Does that sound about right? Those linked lists of transformed triangles and fragments, especially having to empty and refill them each frame... It seems really expensive. But I do have to do all that, right? Am I overlooking any obvious speed-up?

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