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pix and vars

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Hy. I'm not understand how work the debug of pix. There are part of the debug code that are reach and part not reach. For example: this code:

	VS_OUT vOut;
	float4x4 skinMatrix =
		RebuildSkinMatrix(vIn.blendIndices.x) * vIn.blendWeights.x +
		RebuildSkinMatrix(vIn.blendIndices.y) * vIn.blendWeights.y +
		RebuildSkinMatrix(vIn.blendIndices.z) * vIn.blendWeights.z;
	// Calculate local world matrix with help of the skinning matrix
	float4x4 localWorld = mul(gWorld, skinMatrix);
	float4 worldPos = mul(localWorld, float4(vIn.posL, 1));
	float4x4 mx0 = RebuildSkinMatrix(1);// the debug don't reach this code!!!!!!
        float4 m = float4(0,0,0,0);// the debug don't reach this code!!!!!!
	m = mx0[1];// the debug don't reach this code!!!!!!	
	vOut.posH = mul(worldPos, viewProj);
	//vOut.posW    = mul(float4(vIn.posL, 1.0f), gWorld);
	vOut.normalW = mul(mul(float4(vIn.normalL, 0.0f), gWorld), mx0);
	mx0 = mul(mx0,gWorld);

	//vOut.posH = mul(float4(vIn.posL, 1.0f), gWVP);
	vOut.posH = mul(worldPos, viewProj);
	// Output vertex attributes for interpolation across triangle.

why???? Thanks

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