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How to create two glListBase()

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Hai friend, I create two GlListbase(0) in my program like this, EX: GLuint m_List1 ; m_List1 = glGenLists(2); glListBase(0); ......... ........ GLuint m_List2 ; m_List2 = glGenLists(2); glListBase(0); ........ ....... shall this affect my list. when i delete the List function created in m_List1. Ex: In Header file : GLuint m_ListCircle GLuint m_List1 ; In .Cpp file : m_List1 = glGenLists(2); glListBase(0); m_ListCircle = m_List1 ; glNewList(m_ListCircle , GL_COMPILE); DrawCircle(); glEndList(); GLuint m_List2 ; m_List2 = glGenLists(2); glListBase(0); ........ ....... After this i called one function in that i delete the List and again created like this, glDeleteLists(m_ListCircle , 1); glNewList(m_ListCircle , GL_COMPILE); DrawCircle(); glEndList(); here only i struck, the value i changed is not updated in the list. did the list is delete properly and create again. plz clarify my doubt. by sundar.

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In your code:

GLuint m_List1;
m_List1 = glGenLists(2);

glGenLists(2) allocates 2 list indices with the numbers m_List1 and m_List1+1. Is there a reason you want to create 2 list indices?

By the way, glListBase(0) has no affect on that allocation.

If you just want to change the display list m_ListCircle, glNewList(m_ListCircle, GL_COMPILE) will automatically delete the old display list. You shouldn't use glDeleteLists() before that call.

The following should work just as well:

GLuint m_ListCircle;
m_ListCircle = glGenLists(1);
//... generate the display list

//... later you want to change the circle drawing list
glNewList(m_ListCircle,GL_COMPILE); // automatically deletes the old display list
//... generate a different circle list

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