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CG Attenuation Problem?

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Ive been playing around with my attenuation and it seems its totally off, if I adjust the values so that it should only appear within a small distance it doesnt seem to affect things at all, here is my CG code:
void Ambient_vp
		  float4 position : POSITION, 

		  out float4 oPosition : POSITION,
		  out float4 colour    : COLOR,

		  uniform float4x4 worldViewProj,
		  uniform float4 ambient
	oPosition = mul(worldViewProj, position);
	colour = ambient;

void PerPixel_Vert 
			float4 position : POSITION,
			float3 normal   : NORMAL, 

			uniform float4 lightPosition,
			uniform float3 eyePosition,
			uniform float4x4 worldviewproj, 

			out float4 oPos : POSITION,
			out float3 oNorm: TEXCOORD0,
			out float3 oLightDir: TEXCOORD1,
			out float3 oHalfAngle: TEXCOORD2,
			out float3 oWorldPos: TEXCOORD3
	oPos = mul(worldviewproj, position);
	oWorldPos = float3(oPos);
    //oDist = length(position - lightPosition); //interpolated fragment distance
	float3 EyeDir = normalize(eyePosition - position.xyz);

	oLightDir = normalize(lightPosition.xyz -  (position.xyz * lightPosition.w)); 

	oHalfAngle   = normalize(oLightDir + EyeDir); 

	oNorm = normal;

void PerPixel_Frag (	float3 normal: TEXCOORD0,
			float3 LightDir  : TEXCOORD1,
			float3 HalfAngle : TEXCOORD2, 
			float  WorldPos : TEXCOORD3, 

			uniform float4 lightPosition,
			uniform float4 lightDiffuse,
			uniform float4 lightSpecular,
			uniform float exponent,

		    out float4 oColor : COLOR
	float3 N = normalize(normal);

	float NdotL = dot(normalize(LightDir), N);
	float NdotH = dot(normalize(HalfAngle), N);
	if(NdotL > 0.0)
		float4 Lit = lit(NdotL,NdotH,exponent);
		//linear attenuation
		float d = distance(WorldPos, lightPosition);
		float l = 0.022;
		float q = 0.0019;
		float atten = 1 / (1 + (l*d) + (q*d*d));
		oColor = (lightDiffuse * Lit.y + lightSpecular * Lit.z) * atten;

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