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Obtaining Texture Filename From Loaded FBX file

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I've been looking online for a long time to find the solution to this. I'm surprised that there is only one close solution﹕ http://www.ziggyware.com/readarticle.php?article_id=181 (The reason why I'm not using this solution is because I'm using XNA 3.1 and when I compile that code, it is using XNA.Framework 2.0 which I'm guessing isn't an available resource to add to the 3.1 architecture which contains only the framework for 3.0 and 3.1. Thus the project doesn't compile. I've tried rewriting it using 3.1 Libraries but certain libraries have been depricated or are unavailable? not sure) The problem is when you load a Model from an FBX file, the BasicEffects object contains the texture but the name property is blank. This means that I cannot access the textures dynamically to render but have to load each texture manually through importing and loading assets. Is the only way to get the texture filename to write your own custom content processor? I was looking at the TextureContent class to see if there is any way to extra the file name from a Texture2D or Effects object, but it seems that it is not stored in the object itself but rather has to be extracted from the FBX at load time? For a simple Model class. Getting an effects object is as simple as: Model myModel; //loading code... Effect firstEffect=myModel.Meshes[0].Effects[0]; BasicEffect b=(BasicEffect)firstEffect; But neither of these contain the filename. I need the file name so I can load it and pass it to the shader. This is so that my project can import fbx files with multiple textures instead of having to load each one in individually. Thank you for your help and input!

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