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Fillstyle Pattern and Lines

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Hello, I'm quite new to Directx just to warn you ^^ The project I'm working on involves lines featuring alpha blending from vertex to vertex, customizable dash/dots and width. Aswell as triangles to create complex geometrical objects featuring alpha blending from vertex to vertex and customizable fillstyles. As for the lines I've been working with D3DXLine which is quite ok but from what I've seen so far its not possible to change the color between 2 vertexes to display an alpha blending. Normal primitive lines don't support width so i canceled them. Then i tried to create lines as D3DXLine does it with triangles but then i dont know how to create customizable dash/dots. That leads to my last problem which is the fillstyles of the triangles. In the finished programm you should be able to fill a matrix of binaries like this 100011010010 110001010001 (1) opaque 010100010100 (0) transparent 101001001001 010101000010 100100100010 and take that as the background of the triangle. The only way I found to do that is to fill the triangle with a lot of D3DXLine's and patterns on which i calculate out of the matrix. But that seems inefficient and it doesn't support the alpha blending. I would appreciate any suggestions you have. Thanks already for reading!

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