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Asteroids of Beyaan

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I'm working on a souped up asteroids clone. I'm sure you all played the normal one, where you shoot rocks, they explode into smaller rocks, and so forth. But it gets boring after a while. So I'm presenting my game, Asteroids of Beyaan! In it, there's a lot of twists. There's 8 different types of asteroids. Yes, you read that right, EIGHT different types. They are: Gray - Normal asteroid Green - Money asteroid Yellow - Fast asteroid Brown - Dense asteroid Blue - Magnetic asteroid Red - Explosive asteroid Purple - Clumpy asteroid Black - Invisible asteroid Most of them are self-explainatory, but what is blue and purple? Blue is magnetic, so it accelerates to your ship, making things interesting! Purple are clumpy, meaning that if same sized asteroid hit each other, they merge into the larger size. So if you shoot one and didn't destroy the smaller ones, they will clump back together! And there's also a twist! The asteroids bounce off each other! So it makes for an unpredictable game! Now, how can you counter all that with your ship? I present to you, upgrades! You can upgrade your ship in many different ways. Weapon upgrades that let you fire faster, have more than one cannon, etc. Engine upgrades that let you move faster and react faster. Shield upgrades that let you regenerate shields faster, and absorb more damage. Special upgrades that let you do supernova (Death Blossom ripoff), teleport, enable emergency shields, etc. Here's a couple of screenshots. Note, they're still work in progress. If you're an artist and would like to contribute to this game, I would like unique art for different types of asteroids. Photobucket Photobucket

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