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List of demoscene gfx

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Anyone got a good list of demoscene style gfx with general descriptions? Seems like some good programming exercises to me, not to mention cool realtime fx to add to my game. Any good issues of hugi I should look at? Thanks!

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Here are a few that come to mind...

Realtime software effects:
- Realtime raytracing (especially spheres)
- Bumpmapping, possibly w. refraction
- "Tunnel"
- Infinite image zoom
- Voxel heightmap
- CSG effects (e.g., show two wireframe cubes and also a solid rendering of their intersection as the two cubes independently rotate)

Realtime hardware effects:
- Fluids/Navier-Stokes
- Marching cubes/tetrahedra
- Other voxel rendering techniques (e.g. splatting)
- Massive interacting particle systems (e.g., n-body)

Stuff to do at the "loading" screen:
- Generate procedural textures so that a tiny EXE creates images with tons of detail.

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Thanks! Very helpful. Any good descriptions of sort of elemental effects like fire, water, or slime? Fire is pretty easy to do, but what about cool water fx, or possibly some sort of dripping slime effect?

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