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Beat em' up game space management ?

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Hello guys, I am in the process of making my 2D engine for a Beat'em Up game (Castle Crashers is what I call Beat'em Up or Brawler kind of game ). I will support 2D sprites and 2D particle emitters. This is all done in the engine now. But I have come to an issue that I would like to ask for advice: It's about "space" management, what I thought was to do something as this image shows: (I don't see a way to attach an image in my post, so it's a direct link ) My idea is to make a grid ( Spatial Hash or Grid ), of the ground where my Particle Emitters / 2D sprites will live. In my picture, I have enumerated this slots from 1 to N, (don't have to be 35, it's just for showing purposes ). My idea is to draw the "GameElements" (Sprites/Emitters) in order from 0 to N , ( going from bucket 0 to bucket N ) , so then I will get them to display correctly overlapped on screen (back to forward). I know this could be done by just comparing the lower Y axis of each Element and performing a "quicksort" too, but having the Grid could allow me to perform Collision Detection in a better way , and if I do something like A* to implement some kind of AI, it could help me too. This is the first game of this kind that I do , so suggestions are pretty much welcome :) Thanks guys

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