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Aerrevan alpha signup has begun!

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Aerrevan is an MMORPG currently being developed by The 13th Hour Studios. On October 26th we will begin to take alpha tester applications. Please visit our site at for more information! Aerrevan is an all new MMORPG in development by The 13th Hour Studios. Aerrevan is set in the world of Lurris, where a mysterious meteor has fallen, bringing with it an excess of elemental Aer, the very essence of life. This Aer has affected the globe in a variety of ways, and gameplay revolves around dealing with the excess of Aer, as well as dealing with the horrific creatures it has brought forth. Players will meet characters from all walks of life who have been affected by the meteor in this immersive environment rich with unique lore. Some key features of Aerrevan include seamless zoning, a classless character development system, deep guild based PvP, Aer mutation, player run shops, and our innovative new dynamic NPC conversation system. Aerrevan is meant to be a game that a wide variety of gamers can enjoy in the comfort of their own playing style, without being forced into linear gameplay. Thousands of unique and interesting quests will be available, offering a much more involving experience than your average MMO. Aerrevan is being developed using the proprietary AERcore technology suite, designed specifically to bring the world of Lurris to life. We are bringing together several high end software packages such as IDV SpeedTree and Singular Inversions FaceGen to create a unique look and feel in the game. The engine has been in development for over seven years, ensuring that it provides a stable and robust framework for Aerrevan.

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