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pixel level modifications on an SDL_Surface

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hi guys, i'm a newbie using sdl in C++. I did my codes to try to get rgb color components from an 8-bit grayscale image using what was taught here : <html></html> However, I keep getting this error: incompatible types in assignment at this line: color = fmt->palette->colors[index]; My partial code as shown below: void colorInterpolation(SDL_Surface *s) { SDL_PixelFormat *fmt; Uint32 temp, pixel; Uint8 red, green, blue, alpha, index; SDL_Color *color; fmt=s->format; /* Check the bitdepth of the surface */ if(fmt->BitsPerPixel!=8){ fprintf(stderr, "Not an 8-bit surface.\n"); return; } SDL_LockSurface(s); .............. ............ /* Get the topleft pixel */ index = *(Uint8 *)s->pixels; color = fmt->palette->colors[index]; //ERROR : incompatible types in assignment WHY?????? ............. ........... ....... Your advice is highly appreciated!!! thanks! :D

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hi mattd,

could u pls help pin point to me how to change this code to correct this error?

I did exactly like the tutorial below extracted from

1 SDL_Surface *surface;
2 SDL_PixelFormat *fmt;
3 SDL_Color *color;
4 Uint8 index;
6 .
7 .
9 /* Create surface */
10 .
11 .
12 fmt=surface->format;
14 /* Check the bitdepth of the surface */
15 if(fmt->BitsPerPixel!=8){
16 fprintf(stderr, "Not an 8-bit surface.\n");
17 return(-1);
18 }
20 /* Lock the surface */
21 SDL_LockSurface(surface);
23 /* Get the topleft pixel */
24 index=*(Uint8 *)surface->pixels;
25 color=fmt->palette->colors[index];
27 /* Unlock the surface */
28 SDL_UnlockSurface(surface);
29 printf("Pixel Color-> Red: %d, Green: %d, Blue: %d. Index: %d\n",
30 color->r, color->g, color->b, index);

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Here's an example of what you, or rather what that sample code is doing:

int array[1];
array[0] = 0;

int* pNum = array[0]; //Error is here..similar to the sample code..

There's multiple ways to fix this, but if you are having trouble
understanding this concept, i suggest you read up on what pointers, references, etc. are in C/C++.
Read Chapter 6 here.

Nothing wrong with not's all in the learning process.
And, also, don't always assume other people's sample code to be right,
and blindly copy and paste.

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Hi mattd, thanks for the help seriously!! I have never learnt C++, this is probably the first time do something like that and i'm trying to get things right by myself... Now I got this runtime error "Segmentation fault", what could be wrong??

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Original post by bennn
what could be wrong??

The fact that you're learning a graphics library before you learn the language its interface uses? :) (OK, it's C, but hey)

Post your entire code. Use [source] ... [/source] tags to keep it tidy.

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I got your PM, but can't you post your code in this thread? That way anyone can help by checking it, or learn from any mistakes pointed out.

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thanks guys, any help is greatly appreciated, i'm really stucked right now, the functions in the codes aren't fully implemented as i'm still figuring out those errors on hand...

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