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DirectDraw put bmp file on screen

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k, i''m trying to show a content of 24bit bmp file on the screen. so far i''ve:
        HBITMAP bitmap;
        FILE *bmpfile;

	bmpfile = fopen(Bitmap_Filename,"r");

	fread(&bmpheader, sizeof(BITMAPFILEHEADER), 1, bmpfile);

	BITMAPINFOHEADER bmpinfoheader;
	fread(&bmpinfoheader, sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER), 1, bmpfile);

	bmp = new char[bmpinfoheader.biSizeImage];
	fread(bmp, bmpinfoheader.biSizeImage, 1, bmpfile);

	bitmap = CreateBitmap(bmpinfoheader.biWidth,

assuming thats true (again, for 24bpp bitmap) cause it works, but i cant see the pic yet because i cant put it on the screen. or at least i dunno how. so if i have the bitmap in a HBITMAP form in the memory, how do i put HBITMAP format on a HDC of the back buffer?

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Once you have your HBITMAP, you need to get the DC from the surface you want to draw your bitmap to. For example, say you have an offscreen surface, called lpddsBitmap, just waiting to be drawn on, you could do the following

lpddsBitmap->GetDC( &hDC );

Now hDC is the Device context for the surface lpddsBitmap. Now you can use the function StretchBlt() to draw your image onto your surface. And when you are finished, be sure to release the DC on the surface. If you don''t, the surface will remain locked, and you will run into some errors when flipping. Take a look at StretchBlt in the SDK Docs. Hope this helps.


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still trublesome...

HDC hdcImage;
HDC hdc;

//getting the back surface device context


// create a compatible one to put the image on

hdcImage = CreateCompatibleDC(hdc);


SelectObject(hdcImage, bitmap);

// something that _should''ve_ been on the screen

BitBlt(hdc, x, y, width, height, hdcImage, 1, 1, SRCCOPY);

// release after usage


//Flip to see results that dont come



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Just for information purposes, here is my code


// Stretch the bitmap to cover this surface

if( FAILED( hr = g_lpddsScene->GetDC( &hDC ) ) )
return hr;

// Draw our image

StretchBlt( hDC, 0, 0,
g_ddsd.dwWidth, g_ddsd.dwHeight,
hDCImage, 0, 0,
dwWidth, dwHeight, SRCCOPY );

if( FAILED( hr = g_lpddsScene->ReleaseDC( hDC ) ) )
return hr;


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