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[D3d9] How to convert 3d coordinates into 2d ?

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Hello everybody, I'm learning how to use Direct3D and I've got a stupid question ( sorry if I misunderstood something :-) ) I can display a X mesh on the screen , I can move it by pressing the arrows keys of the keyboard. ( I used "\Samples\C++\Direct3D\Tutorials\Tut06_Meshes" sample from Direct3D9 SDK ) I have the coordinates of my X mesh ,right, and depending of the window width and height ( for example 1024 * 768 ) I want to control my mesh ( a spaceship ) and to check if my mesh coordinates are inside my window space. I simply use d3dDevice->SetTransform( D3DTS_WORLD, &matTranslation ) for the transformatios ( rotation, scale and translation of the spaceship ). How could I do that ? Thank you for your replies

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