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normal mapping implementation

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Hello, I've a rather noob question again: how can I implement normal mapping / bump mapping. I've got this tangent space file that I would like to map to some point I with it's normal N. What do I have to do? And how do I do that? Thanks for everything!

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I would recommend you to do something like this in your pixel shader:

The In.normal, In.tangent, and In.binormal are in world space (just multiply them with your WorldInverseTranspose Matrix in your vertex shader).

float2 bump = bumpStrength * (tex2D(YourNormalMapSampler, IN.uv).rg - 0.5);
float3 normal = IN.normal + bump.x * IN.tangent + bump.y * IN.binormal;

Use the light source from worldspace and calculate the light components.

Of course you could do all the calculations in tangent space, which is faster but not as well suited for deffered rendering.

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