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Questions about Shaders and Unity

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I recently posted these questions inside the Unity3D game engine forum and CGTalk. Some of them were answered and some not. I was wondering if someone with experience in game design, shaders etc and maybe with 3dsmax and unity experience as well could help me. I would also appreciate if anybody could tell me if in another forum topic would be better to post this. Questions: 1. we have a lot of .FX shaders for 3dsmax available online free to download. I would like to know if there is one that will give a good preview in max viewport of what I would se inside unity. 2. How can I know the language that the shader was written. Is there some code in the begginig of the file that shows like HLSL, CGSL or Nvidia CG? 3. When I use an .FX shader inside 3dsmax for viewport visualization the features and information of the shader goes to unity when i export the fbx? 4. Where I can find in the forum a most update tutorial or pdf etc of the process of making lightmaps in 3dsmax. I'm using 3dsmax2009 with the latest fbx plugin from autodesk (2010). Thanks a lot and sorry for the big post.

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