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Automatically generating Characters

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I am working on a dissertation project which generates unique computer characters automatically. I am looking to design something similar to Pro evolution Soccer which allows you to manually change features and also give the option to generate characters automatically as with Madden which generates the characters in the draft randomly. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or information on case studies and journals with the relevant information on it. Any information would be great Thanks in advance

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I don't have any academic resources for you, but those systems are quite simple.

1) Make a base character mesh
2) Define any number of morphs for the mesh, e.g. bigger nose, or smaller chin.
3) Define any number of textures for the mesh
4) Write software that can render the mesh, interpolated with the morphs and textures
5) Write a loop that assigns a random value to each morph

Are you sure this is really dissertation worthy?

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