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Web Overlay on top of D3D in the browser.

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Hi guys, We are currently using transforming our game to be playable in the browser(via a browser plug in which let's us render within the browser window, similar to IA). Within that progress we'd like to transfer all 2D UI components away from the game and instead overlay the d3d window with html / flash (the plugin allows the site and the game to communicate in RT on the client side) since that would make development much more rapid. I guess you already see the dilemma, normally you can't put stuff on top of a d3d window, so I was wondering if there is someone here who ever did sth similar or might have a few pointers for us? I could imagine that the plugin has to somehow work with layered windows, but that's just a quick guess.... Looking forward to your comments, thanks to everyone in advance :)

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