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Which computer is the best for starting?

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So, I've always been interested in games. From playing Wolfenstein 3D to COD4 etc. So today I found this awesome webpage, and the last 2 weeks I've been considering getting a new computer, cus this one is getting a bit outdated. So I'm thinking laptop, quite possibly a MacBook Pro, since it has bootcamp so I could run both Mac OS X and windows. But a downside to that is that its kinda (VERY) pricy. So what is best for developing games? I'm also open to a PC (allthough I'm getting kinda tired of all the problems that come with it) Also which programming language should I learn? I'm learning towards C++ cus I've heard thats the way to go. At the moment I'm 15 years old. If that makes some kind of difference :) Also if you have any tips I'd like to read them.

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