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Which machine for Games Design? Advice?

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Hello there fellow designers...! My name is Jim and I am completing a Games Design degree and desperately looking to upgrade my machine. I NEED YOUR HELP AND ADVICE AS TO WHICH MACHINE WOULD BE THE BEST TO GET. I currently use a Toshiba Notebook with 1.8Ghz Dual Core, 4gb ram, 128 Dedicated Graphics and not much more. It does not do a bad job, but can be painful at times. Especially when working on large scenes. I have been looking at these: Dell XPS Studio Laptop (Quad Core, 1gb Graphics) Macbook Pro iMac (27", Quad Core, 512gb Graphics) I have a budget of about $2500.00. I have been thinking of Mac as I would not mind looking into iPhone dev sometime. But this is not the major factor. Also, I would prefer to run Windows.

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