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rotation with quaterion

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If I make my quaternion from an axis angle giving it the Y axis it rotate around fine.. but if give it the X axis it rotates kinda on an angle.. its not moving around the x axis.. First: setting up the rotations, angleToAddX/Y is the angle that it should be rotated around calculated from the position of the mouse curser
		Math::Quaternionf rotX;
		Math::Quaternionf rotY;

		rotX.fromAngleAxis(angleToAddX, Math::Vector3f(0.0f,1.0f,0.0f));
		rotY.fromAngleAxis(angleToAddY, Math::Vector3f(1.0f,0.0f,0.0f));


then if I do; listElement.state.orientation = listElement.state.orientation * rotY; it rotates fine around the Y axis.. but if I do; listElement.state.orientation = rotX * listElement.state.orientation; it rotates around some other axis.. looks like its on a 45 degree from x,y,z.. what I realy want is to set the orientation so it rotates around the X axis and the Y axis at the same time using thoese two rotations.. [Edited by - Nanook on November 8, 2009 7:02:23 AM]

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This is the fromAngleAxis function by the way..

void fromAngleAxis(const qType rfAngle, const Math::Vector3<qType>& rkAxis)
// assert: axis[] is unit length
// The quaternion representing the rotation is
// q = cos(A/2)+sin(A/2)*(x*i+y*j+z*k)

qType fHalfAngle = 0.5*rfAngle;
qType fSin = sin(fHalfAngle);
w = cos(fHalfAngle);
x = fSin*rkAxis.x;
y = fSin*rkAxis.y;
z = fSin*rkAxis.z;

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I have found the following to work: Store the yaw and pitch separately and increase / decrease them as needed. Then rebuild the quaternion:

transform.resetOrientation(); // calls orientation.setIdentity();
transform.rotate(yaw, 0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f);
transform.rotate(pitch, 1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);

public void rotate(float angle, Vector3f axis) {
Quaternion rot = new Quaternion();


Vector4f a1 = new Vector4f(axis.x, axis.y, axis.z,
angle * Constants.DEG2RAD);

orientation = Quaternion.mul(orientation, rot, null);


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Original post by Nanook
Hmm.. I dont have Vector4f class.. Aren't you doing the same thing as I am though?

The Vector4f is just storing a 4f vector, it's nothing magical - you already have a function for getting quaternion from axis-angle.

Err forget the whole storing pitch and yaw. I was looking at the camera class. Quaternion multiplication is not commutative though - try post-multiplying rotX instead of premultiplying. Other than that yes I think it's the same. These rotations occur in the local coordinate space of your object though - the axis change once your object rotates. Particularly once you rotate around the y-axis, your object's x-axis is no longer aligned with the world's x-axis. To always rotate in the same manner with respect to the world axis, you'll have to resort to keeping track of pitch and yaw and rebuilding the quaternion.

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