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DX9. Need help with MSRT + HDR + FSAA

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Hi there. I need some info about organizing FSAA levels on HDR MSRT. The point is: I create a MSRT with some multisample level, also the DepthBuffer is created with the same MS level. Thats OK, FSAA works fine, but this is a fixed value. I want to know how the antialiasing leveling is organized with HDR MSRT. If I didnt have the HDR effect system, I could use the multisample type NONMASKABLE and play with its quality levels. But something doesnt work with that type on HDR MSRT. Probably I could use the sampling levels (2_SAMPLES...16_SAMPLES) with each max quality as a switch basis, but the SDK warns about such practice: "It is not good practice to switch from one multisample type to another to raise the quality of the antialiasing." So I want to understand how this can be organized properly in these conditions: HDR + MSRT. Thank you.

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