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Recommended GUI Libraries for an Ogre project

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I'm working on a game that has to be completed in 5 weeks and we need a simple, yet a effective GUI solution that we can get implemented in a reasonably short amount of time. We're building or game on Ogre and I'm open to any recommendations you guys may have. I have been looking CEGUI ( It was linked from the Ogre wiki and overview description seems to answer what we desire from a GUI library. Anybody have any experience with this or can recommend something easier/better?

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Ogre has literally many GUI libaries. I personally like CEGUI the only problem is its abit tough to do skins.

So what do you need, I cant imagine it can be complex if its 5 week project.

Something really simple how about betajeans gui. Doesnt get easier than this (if all you need is buttons and windows)...

It's main features, which I like to call the core 7 are:

* Create a Window.
* Move that Window around.
* Resize it.
* Create a Button in a window
* When that button is pushed call some code
* Create a textual input gadget in a window
* Create some plain text in a window

Heres a better list...

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Its a networked multiplayer game so the GUI doesn't have to be too fancy/feature-rich. We just need to build a GUI that will allow the player to choose to either Host or Join a game on a specified set of ports, then choose some game options such as the type of ship they want to battle with. The host specifically will need to make a number of game settings (map, gameplay type, etc).

Ideally we want a GUI that is completely navigable with a controller (we're building the gameplay controls on the Xbox 360 controller) but I won't rule out a relying on the mouse.

BetaGUI looks like it won't be sufficient as we'll need radio buttons, checkboxes and drop-down lists. Built-in support for animation would be nice but we can live without it given our time constraints.

Based of the list of supported widgets in the link you posed, CEGUI and MyGUI seem to be the best options. MyGUI seems especially attractive now for its animation support.

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