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need a scripter for a Game Maker game

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Right now, I have no way to contact the author of Doom: Fall of Mars ( ), who has made a game that I want to continue. He stopped working on it. It was made with Game Maker. Even if he had given me the files for GM, the game has a tiny resolution of about 300x200. So i might as well make my own higher-res version through Game Maker 7. I'm great with graphics, i have created Doom levels, RPG sprites, and so forth. The only thing i'm looking for is someone who is excellent with GM or scripting. Doom FoM is isometric, so it has to be in that format. There are tutorials ( ) but i don't think any of them teach isometric and other things i have planned. Let me know if you are interested in pursuing the project. I have plenty of free time, so i'm very dedicated.

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