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Texture coords + atlas

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I want to use texture atlas to create big terrain (using vs, fs, maybe gs). But I have one big problem - I need coordinates to choose intensity of texture (per vertex). Maybe it's possible to do it better but it's my idea - maybe it will be good - I don't know. So we have texture atlas like link What's wrong? I want to use for example only one texture from atlas but it should be repeated. Now I have repeated atlas. It's easy to choose one texture (snow for example) and stretch it:
fragColor2 = texture2D(firstTexture, (fragmentTexCoord2*vec2(0.25,0.25)+vec2(0,0.5)));
But I can't repeat only one texture using sth like it:
fragColor2 = texture2D(firstTexture, (fragmentTexCoord2*vec2(0.25,0.25)+vec2(0,0.5))*vec2(16,16));
- we can see effect like link Any ideas? -------------------------- Ok, done. [Edited by - _OskaR on November 9, 2009 5:14:40 PM]

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