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XML ,SAX and strong typed structure

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Hy. I use sax for parsing an xml because i read only a little part of the xml , only 1/8 of all tag name ,and the xml sizes are arownd 200/300 mb. I create a class for each tag that i use and inherit it from a base class, The CBaseEntityIfc. When i find a xml node that rappresent any of my classes i'm instantiate the class and place the instance in a map<string, CBaseEntityIfc*>* m_pMap. The parser is like this:
	wchar_t __RPC_FAR *pwchNamespaceUri,
	int cchNamespaceUri,
	wchar_t __RPC_FAR *pwchLocalName,
	int cchLocalName,
	wchar_t __RPC_FAR *pwchRawName,
	int cchRawName,
	ISAXAttributes __RPC_FAR *pAttributes)
	// assume element does not have text
	hasText = false;
	// take the local name
	std::wstring localName(pwchLocalName);

	// test the element's name and take appropriate action
	if("IfcProject") == 0)
		string data1 =...
		string data2 =...
		pMap[localName]= new CIfcProject(data1,data2,pMap);
	if("IfcSIUnit") == 0)
		string data1 =...
		string data2 =...
		pMap[localName]= new IfcSIUnit(data1,data2,pMap);

now i have a map with parsed elements. The problem is that if i would navigate my objects i must navigate the map then i must use strings and these strings aren't related to the specific classes. For each class again i have some data and i would that this data is available to the user. My idea is to pass a map reference to each object and in the object i do somthing like:
class CIfcProject :
	public CBaseEntityIfc
	CIfcProject(string data1,string data2,map<string, CBaseEntityIfc*>* pMap,string ref1)
	   m_pMap = pMap;
           m_strIfcOwnerHistoryRef = ref1;
	virtual ~CIfcProject(void);
	CIfcOwnerHistory* getRefOwnerHistory(){return ((CIfcOwnerHistory*)(*m_pMap)[m_strIfcOwnerHistoryRef]);};
	string m_strIfcOwnerHistoryRef;
	map<string, CBaseEntityIfc*>* m_pMap;

all for can do this: ((CIfcProject*)(*cMap)["ifcproject"])->getRefOwnerHistory()->ecc...... My question is : is correct to encapsulate a pointer to the map in each ifc class? There are other method for create a strong typed structure ? Thanks

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