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Making a 3d looking box

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I am trying to design a program for a movie that my friends and I are making. I literally learned DirectDraw commands for DX7 over the last day and a half, so I have little background on this, what I am trying to acomplish is draw a 3d box that has all vetrices colored blue to a certain width, I would prefer the back ones be smaller and the diagonal ones go from large to smaller, but not nessacary. something like this:
| \___/ |
| |   | |
| |   | |
| |___| |

Excuss the losey ASCII artwork (must be viewed with fixed width text), but I just need to know how to do this, I wrote a way of drawing the front box and then the smaller "rear" box with smaller dimension but then realized there is no way that I can find to draw diagonal lines without loading a picture in Direct Draw. SO HEEEELLLLPPP =-P Any helps suggestions or tips would be appreciated, maybe easier in 3D? Thanks a ton in advance... -=Matt=-

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