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casper sky

shadow mapping problem on large terrain

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hello, i have two problems with my shadow mapping technique implemented on a large terrain : an image can be found here : the first problem : as u can see the top of the montain is not shadowed correctly? how can i eliminate this ? the second question is: i tried to setup the light to look always at the viewer position like this : gluLookAt((float)light_pos.X,(float)light_pos.Y,(float)light_pos.Z,CameraPOS.X,CameraPOS.Y,CameraPOS.Z,0,0,1); and i setup an ortho projection for the light projejection glOrtho(-bb.x,bb.x,-bby,bby,CameraPOS.length()-500.0f,CameraPOS.length()+500.0f); but the problem that is that with this configurations, when the viewer moves u will see the shadow moved, i think this is not the best way for shadow mapping on large terrain bcoz there is a lot of problems that appears , so can someone suggest me any improvements for my method ?

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