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Singularity Sphere Mapping and tangent space

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Hi i have a big problem. My rendering engine use the deferred light system. To beginning i started with a sphere mesh mapped using sphere mapping public static Vector2 SphereMap(Vector3 vec) { float len; Vector2 retV1 = Vector2.Empty; len = (float)Math.Sqrt(vec.X * vec.X + vec.Y * vec.Y + vec.Z * vec.Z); if (len > 0.0f) { if (vec.X == 0.0f && vec.Y == 0.0f) retV1.X = 0.0f; else retV1.X = (float)((1.0f - (float)Math.Atan2(vec.X, vec.Y)/Math.PI)/ 2.0f); vec.Z /= len; retV1.Y = 1.0f - (float)saacos(vec.Z) / (float)Math.PI; } else { retV1.X = retV1.Y = 0.0f; } return retV1; } But when i use the phong light system the specular component creates a lot of noise in the singularity point. Any suggestion? something wrong? [Edited by - Powerino73 on November 10, 2009 2:08:30 PM]

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