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beginer 2d project

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Hello guys, ive had a few classes in school and in university, so far i learned a couple things in c++/c, pascal and basic. But everything was realated to school... wich is why i need your help. I wanted to start trying new things and something i ultimatly wanted to do was a game similiar to this one in therms of graphics http://www.tibia.com/abouttibia/?subtopic=screenshots&screenshot=cathedral (check the pics to see the kinda graphics i want) i ultimatly wanted to make a mmorpg with that type of look or something similiar (isometric graphics are a possebility.) the thing is i dont know where to start. i wanted to keep it simple at the begin obviosly (beeing able to walk around,pick up items, equip them get lvls and so on.) I wante something similiar to lets say... RPGMaker but atacked to C++/C. What tools should i start with? also id be able to get most of the tiles and graphics for a game similiar to the one seen on the link (tibia1). I kinda need to be guided to start with cause i really feel lost about where to start |: Kind regards Winnie PS: something that plays like this

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Hi Winnie:

Definitely game programming is a very, very difficult topic. Once I read that planning to program the next Quake was bound to be a complete failure if you're a beginner programmer, something that should completely apply to your idea... Not to discourage you but to simply make you think about it: you should learn how to efficiently code not only the basic aspects of your game - say, graphics, control structures and flow, player interfaces, in game structures (maps, players, non player objects) - but also the more advanced "multiplayer features" involving synching and sharing data among multiple computers... A very difficult task, even more for a single person, even more for a begginer in coding.

I can say so since I am no expert myself: I started doing some C++ coding a few years ago and had lots of ideas on my mind. I could even code some pieces of the puzzle - I am a bit ashamed of them nowadays... - but could never ever put them together into something.

My piece of advice (and sure the same that most people would give you) is to start from the basics: don't try someting overly complicated but instead try something simple.

Try, for example, something like a "Breakout" game. You will be surprised at how hard it is to learn all aspects of coding a game!. Try something easier with a graphical interface (like a hangman) and you still go nuts with all the things that are to be done...

Franky, beginning with a very simple project, like a console based (text only) "mastermind" game is something that everyone can get started into and will give you valuable experience. Try simple snippets of code with a text only interface (random number generators, dice simulators...) and when you're done begin working your way up with graphic libraries in small bits (say, a program that shows a static picture).

The more small steps you can succesfully achieve, the more experience you will gain and the more you will become aware of how many aspects to a game are out there... And that's only regarding hard coding practices.

If you ask me, I would start with simple snippets and work my way up around Object Oriented Programming as a way to open your mind to how many aspects are related into programming, how to separate your concepts and how to structure your thinking on coding.

On a side note, I also took my fair lessons on C and C++ and though I thought they were no good for anything I am most glad of knowing what I learned back then.

Whenever starting something, please, start simple.

Best luck on your endeavors!.

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Thanks for the reply The_Marlboro_Man.

When i showed the screenshot and the youtube video that whas my Goal, obviosly i know i still have a reallyyyy long way to get there hehe ^^ but if i dont try to walk around and get help to start with i know i wont be able to do anything...

i wanted to ask a few more questions too,

As i said i know a couple things in c++/c, pascal and basic, in total i had 4years (3 in high school and 1 in university of programing lessons alongside with a few server lessons but to be honest i kinda oversleept on those ones xD)
im more inclined in start agressivly learning c++/c for 2 reasons.
First one is i think it is one of the programing languages that can open me doors to preety much everything, a good language to start as a newb and to master as a pro.
Second one im a X-Box 360 player so it would also be fun to see what i do at the console (:
unfortunatly i cant run the dev tools for the xbox360 since my computer sucks (im stuck on a p3 733mhz 286ram and a gforce2mx400 64mg xD)

Second one is if you know by experience some guides to litle games to start understanding more deeply how things are done and to learn with it.

What i need is a road to be able to acomplish my goal, unfortunatly i dont know where to turn thats why i feel kinda lost.
Btw i obiosly wouldnt want to make the server side of the game yet, id like to be able to do something that works on my computer and only then who knows maybe one day be able to share it with friends.

Hope i explained what i need a litle better and once again thanks for the help so far (:

Kind regards

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Hello Winnie:

Well, in that case I think you could seek out -again- to start from the basics. If you want to use C++ I would recommend the use of the SDL graphic library: it implements lots of useful functions related to graphics, audio, events and such.

A really, really nice place to start is this link:


This set of tutorials should get you started in the SDL library and how it is applied to C coding in almost no time. It starts from the most simple task and builds up from there until you can do something that, well, moves with your keystrokes.

Once you have the hang on the video part of your program you will like to spend a bit of time thinking about how you can put all the video aspects together in meaningful classes (that's about C++, isn't it?) and then try again. When you have your tools ready you can start thinking about your game: how will you define a map?, how will the characters be implemented?, what's the game flow?.

I actually think that building a strong toolset suited for you (that you will review again and again as you learn more techniques) is crucial to develop a well organized game: when you have tools to draw on your screen at will "all" you have to do is control what to draw and how does it interact with you.

Be sure to take a good look at those tutorials :). Again, best of luck!

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