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Compilation of Game Mechanics

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I have a small gap in my game that requires some sort of skill based mechanic to fill the hole. I've been thinking lately about other games and what mechanics would work well in mine. What I mean by "mecanics" are things like; hitting a button at the right time to dodge, or running and collecting (whatever) for a bonus, or sliding the blocks into the right places to allow the character to escape, etc, etc Oviously these 3 are all very different, and would fall under different categories, some are more thinking orientated, others are more dexterity/reflex oriented. I was thinking it would be awesome to have like a large compilation of different game mechanics that designers could use as a starting point, or inspiration for filling in the gaps in their design. A list like this could even be used for inspiration for new types of games by combining different mechanics together in new ways. Eg what kind of game could I get if I combined a resource management mechanic with a balancing (staying up-right) mechanic? Does anyone know of a list like this? If there's nothing available, would anyone be interested in helping me compile one?

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