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Light shafts again!

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I've been trying to hack together some volume lighting into my game and it mostly resembles this method: That method gives surperior results and I'd like to try it, but am unsure of some things. If anyone can clarify, it would be greatly appreciated. From my understanding, either there are a bunch of depth maps stored for different sample planes that are used as textures or the planes are rendered and basically shadow mapped. How are the plane oriented? If they are oriented to the light(which would perfectly fit the furstum) then when you view the volume from the side, any perpendicular planes will not be visible, and leave a gap in the volume. This is the problem I'm having now. Plus when they're blended together, it's very hard to notice the shadows cast in the volume. In the sample pictures, with 15 planes the volume still looks amazing, but the casted shadow just seems to suffer. How is it looking that good with only 15 planes. I wouldn't think blurring could cover it up that well.

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