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Question about dll files.

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I have just recently started using Visual C++ 6.0, and am just now learning the programming basics. I was wondering if there was a way to bring up a list of dlls that the programs that I have created, because I sent a friend a copy of the program, and he has asked me for 4 dll files so far (and he still needs another one!), and I''m tired of having to upload them one at a time. Thanks for the help in advance. Marrob

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Make sure you are compiling in release mode when you are ready to ship your program. This is more of an issue when you ship programs to people who don''t have devstudio installed as oppose to those who do.

Second of all, you can also build them with statically linked libraries, like MFC for example. If you plan to build a few programs and send them out though I would recomend you don''t link static and do everything dynamic. If they have a dial up they''ll appreciate it, maybe not the first time but after that they will. Look up the help and the key thing you are looking for is release dependencies. It has fairly good documentation on exactley this question and various different scenarios.


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