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Scared, alone and uh... confused?

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EDIT: Ugh, you may ignore this post if you wish, I found this "view forum faq" button everyone is talking about :P Hey, First off I am completely new to both this forum and game development, so everything is currently a blank slate for me and I am looking for a good foundation. I have been playing games for many years and have always been interested in developing games even though it always seemed to be just out of my reach. Recently I watched a video related to Nvidia's PhysX technology (which I found really interesting although I had no idea what was going on) that set me on this website which I suspect will be an awesome place to get information. So all the obvious questions, where do I start? what language do I choose and stick with? (I've heard alot about lua and python) and where is the best place to learn this language? Heck, lets say I start with a text only game, how do I even...? :P Right now I am interested in making a 2-D RPG, although starting off with an RPG is a bit silly, so I would be interested in developing small, uncomplicated 2-D games at the moment, what engine is best suited to this purpose?. Thanks in advance :) [Edited by - Samuelson on November 11, 2009 5:58:52 AM]

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