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Creating a 2D mesh from a mask image

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plausibot    121
Basically, I have a black-and-white image and I want to create a mesh that contains just the white areas of the image (inclusive, so the mesh may contain some black at the edges). Ideally the mesh should be low polygon and tight-fitting. I've come up with a couple ways of doing this manually in Maya, but neither is very optimal: 1) Use the image as a displacement map on a plane, then delete the black areas and flatten the quad. This is fairly simple, but the results are really low quality - the mesh doesn't fit well and is way over-tessellated. And running it through Maya's Reduce tool just generates garbage. 2) Texture a quad with the image, then use boolean operations to cut out the black areas with manually-generated bounding polygons. The results are a lot better than with a displacement map, but it's still not a perfect fit. The real problem is that this method just takes too long. So the question: Is there a tool (or code) out there that can do this? My googling skills have so far led me to a couple topics about creating a bounding polygon for a set of points, but this doesn't really work for my case because the bounding polygon(s) can be concave and have holes. I'd be grateful if anyone can point me at related resources. - plausibot

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