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PalmOS problem

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When I call five or six times this function: Boolean SendTextToField(char *str, FieldType *field) { char *ptr; UInt16 length = StrLen(str)+1; VoidHand text_h = FldGetTextHandle(field); FldSetTextHandle(field, NULL); if(text_h) FldFreeMemory(field); text_h = MemHandleNew(length); if(text_h == 0) return 0; ptr = MemHandleLock(text_h); if(ptr) { MemMove(ptr, str, length); ptr[length] = ''\0''; MemHandleUnlock(text_h); } FldSetTextHandle(field, text_h); FldDrawField(field); return 1; }//void SendTextToField() It causes a strange bug: when the user exit my program, I have this error: <>. HELP ME, PLEASE!!!

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